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The better the artwork the better your design will be. The general rule of thumb is that to have your artwork turned into stitches it needs to be high resolution or at least 200 DPI (dots per inch). If you dont have high resolution artwork or even any artwork we can help. We can take your idea, even if it is scribbled on a napkin, and turn it into print ready art.

Once your artwork is finalized the next step is digitizing. This is where your artwork is turned into a program that guides the embroidery machine to stitch out a pattern that looks like your idea. Make no mistake. This is a crucial part of the process. Bad digitizing equals bad designs and a bad final product. We are committed to making sure your product is top notch all the way through the process and this department is no exception.

This is where it happens. Your idea evolves into artwork then into a computer program so the embroidery machine knows all the right places to put a needle and finally your apparel goes into the embroidery machine for its own personal embelishment.

We use Brother embroidery equipment. Brother has been a leader in embroidery and sewing technology for over 70 years. For us there is no choice but to use the best equipment to make sure we get the best result for you. Because after it is all said and done the only thing that really counts is the result.

Todays embroidery is a very versatile artform. Almost anything can be embroidered on almost anything. A quality embroidered item just looks rich and better than the item would look by itself. Just think about your item with your logo on it. Looks good doesn't it? We can help you make that vision a reality.

The following are just some of the ideas for embroidery:

- Polo shirts or denim button-downs, T-shirts, or ties bearing a
company logo
-Team names embroidered or printed on children and adult jackets, shirts, athletic bags, towels, and headbands
-Baseball caps with locations, places, or events
-Baby gifts, such as personalized clothing, blankets and bibs
-Personalized gifts, including monogrammed towels and shirts
-Sweatshirts, robes, napkins, quilts, and more
-Pet items, such as collars, blankets, and sweaters